Magnetic Screen Doors' Installation Tips

If you've never installed theMagnetic Screen Door, take a minute to read the following tips. They will not only help you correctly install the product, but you'll install it quicker, with less hassles, and will also ensure that your screen closes automatically 100% of the time. Although you can install the screen door alone, it is MUCH simpler and quicker with two people. One person holds the mesh in place, and adjusts accordingly, while the other person measures and makes sure it is positioned correctly. Unless you're really tall, a small step would be helpful for the person holding the mesh.When positioning the mesh on the door frame, make sure that the bottom of the mesh hangs about 0.5cm - 1cm above the ground. Otherwise the bottom of the mesh drags on the ground and doesn't fully close automatically.When positioning the top of the mesh, don't pull the edges so that the mesh is really tight. It should be loose, but not saggy.We also recommend that the top-middl…